School Visits

There are currently five Mosques and and community centre in Peterborough, not all of them facilitate visits from schools or other educational establishment, if you are in any doubt please email us for details:

  1. Faizan E Madina, 169-175 Gladstone Street, Peterborough, largest purpose built Mosque in east Anglia, capacity 3,000 worshippers, congregation originally based at 60,Cromwell Road, Peterborough the very first established Mosque in the city in 1967
  2. Jamia Ghousia Mosque, 406,Gladstone Street, Peterborough, purpose built second largest in size, capacity 1,000 worshippers
  3. The Husseini Islamic Centre, 4 Burton Street, Peterborough, purpose built currently 3rd in size and capacity, first established in the 70’s belongs to Shi’ite school of thought in the city
  4. Dar Assalam, 80,Alma Road, Peterborough, currently no4 in size and capacity but new purpose built construction in under way, once finished will be no3 in size and capacity
  5. Khadeeja Mosque, 311,Cromwell Road, Peterborough, converted terraced houses, the smallest of all the Mosques in the city
  6. Ismaili Community Centre, Craig Street, Peterborough, converted church building, very small congregation, very rarely accommodate outside visits

School visits normally take approximately 60 – 90 mins depending on the number of pupils and the primary purpose of the visit. The visit normally starts with a tour of the facilities, a brief talk / outline of the Islamic Faith, followed by a Power Point Presentation and a question answer session, the Power Point Presentation and talk can be catered to individual requirements of the schools and can cover topics of interest, the best time for visits is 10.00am, Fridays are not always practical for visits.

There are no fees or charges, but as charities all donations are appreciated however small they maybe, a modest dress code applies (long skirts or trousers) to all visitors and any Muslim girls over the age of puberty must cover their hair before entering the Mosque, its preferable for all other visitors to have head coverings, but not compulsory.

When contacting us please give your preference to the Mosque you wish to visit, 2 possible dates for your visit, number of students / visitors with any special needs requirements i.e disabled access etc